Cleansing is an important first step in any skin care regimen.

What are you using to clean your skin? Are you sure that it is the best product for your skin type and condition?

Unfortunately, many people are using soaps or cleansers that are too strong, not effective or wrong for their skin. As an esthetician, it is my role to determine the right cleanser and cleansing method for each client’s individual skin needs.


Surfactant Cleansers

These cleansers are foaming or facial washes, typically as a foaming cream cleanser or cleansing gel or liquid. They are applied to wet skin and immediately start foaming due to their detergent content. Surfactants help remove excess sebum by reducing the surface oils and debris on the skin. This is a good choice for oily or combination skin.

People usually like this type of cleanser because it is the easiest to use and makes the skin feel clean. However, surfactant cleansers do not remove makeup as well as emulsion cleansers and some of these cleansers may remove too much of the natural oil, which can dehydrate the skin, making it feel tight and dry.

Emulsion Cleansers

This type of cleanser is non-foaming, typically creamy that is applied and massaged onto the face and neck, then typically removed with a cotton pad, sponge or wet facial cloth. They are designed to remove makeup and are a good choice for normal – dry skin.

Facial Pre-Cleansing Oils

Pre-cleansing oils are a current trend. Some are actual plant oils or mixes of botanical oils. These work well for dissolving and lifting make-up, excess surface oils and environmental pollutants from the surface of the skin. Pre-cleansing is the first step in the preparation phase, ensuring that the skin is properly cleansed and leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Summing it Up

Your esthetician is the best person to analyze your skin type and suggest the correct product for cleansing that removes the right amount of oil and cleanse without over-stripping the skin and causing barrier function damage. Schedule an appointment now

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