Want MORE gorgeous skin in 2016? Don’t we all 😉 Let me tell you about Catalyst AC-11 and WHY this magical repair serum is so phenominal! 🙂

This is a TRULY genius skin serum that uses a KEY component in the formation of collagen, alpha-ketoglutarate, and L-Ascorbic acid! So what does this MEAN? It means more collagen and Zinc Finger protein production that ALL skins can benefit from!!

How else can skin benefit from this revolutionary serum? Increased amino acids! This allows for more healing, collagen and elastin production! It also contains Vitamin E to protect and repair skin and creates a super antioxidant when combined with Vitamin C to fight off free radicals. The RESULT is more skin repair and rejuvenation through increased skin function, collagen production and healing! So how will this help with your skin’s appearance? You will see LESS hyperpigmentation, LESS UV damage, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, reduction in broken capillaries and redness, increased elasticity & MORE….and this is ALL clinically proven by an independent study.

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